3D NFT Collection and Project Profile Design
3D NFT Collection Design

The Bull Time NFT is a fascinating collection of high-quality male bulls with unique 3D designs. The project’s special feature is the luxurious and extravagant watches worn by the characters. The pallet fork - a component that facilitates the transfer of energy between the balance and the escape wheel of the watch is the core concept of the logo. The final logo resembles a bull head. For the entire project, the colors are chosen to convey wealth, luxury, and seriousness. The most important component of the NFT project is the company profile, which includes the aim of the project, roadmap, marketing plan, etc. Initially, 2D bull characters were illustrated which were meant to provide the structure, the pose and the overall look of the character. After confirmation of the concept, we created the 3D model which resembles a mix of a human and a bull. When it comes to any NFT project, the website is one of the most important pieces to be considered. Therefore, we structured the website with hero sections to grab the attention of NFT enthusiasts and make it easy for them to learn more about the key information.

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