Rebranding for Cress Spring Body Care Company
Graphic Design

Cress Spring is a body care company located in Wisconsin, which offers products free from harmful ingredients including chemicals, parabens, petrochemicals, additives, artificial fragrances, and preservatives. Guided by the key brand messages we created a smart visual representation of the brand. The main attribute of the old logo was a Colibri bird. What is the importance of Colibri and why do we keep it? Since ancient times Colibri bird has symbolized rebirth and was a disseminator of new life. Inspired by this concept, Cress Spring products are designed to bring skin back to life and make it look reborn. Another important part of the work was redesigning both the product and the tester labels. We chose the color of each label based on the dominant ingredient of the product. Eventually, the result of this extensive work is unique, colorful and well-defined brand identity.

Brand Identity for Koshtoyan Fashion
Illustrations and Wedding Attributions Design
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