Brand Identity and Website Design for Hookah Brand
Graphic and UI/UX Design

Coolah Hookah - a high class hookah brand, is designed to make people's lives easier and to bring a new experience into hookah culture. The brand’s initial concept and motivation came from Alice, who was trying to find herself and eventually meets an addict of hookah - a Caterpillar, who then serves as a guardian for Alice’s journey through Wonderland. Praising the deep thoughts and ideas of the story Coolah positions itself as a partner for its customers through their life changing journeys. The packaging represents the very essence of the product, through a luxury and elegant approach, which enhances the object through the attention to detail, materials and finishes of the elements. The spade pattern on the boxes as well as on the special types of hookahs are inspired by the story and designed to highlight the identity of the brand. We used a dark theme for the brand with accentuated bright colors to convey luxury and seriousness to best represent the pop identity of the product and the target users.

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